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Before the passing of Beverly Hyles, she commissioned the Jack Hyles Library to carry on the legacy of her husband. The work of compiling and making available all of the resources left to us by Dr. Jack Hyles is far more extensive than most people would realize.

So far, here is where we’re at with cataloging his ministry:

  • Access to 1,000+ sermons you can listen to 24/7.   Many sermons have never been published and can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Entire Pastor’s School videos from 1991 – 2000 as well as other video sermons never made available online.
  • Unpublished poetry written by Dr. Jack Hyles.
  • Access to ministry helps written by Dr. Hyles.  Handwritten notes and documents detailing his principles and philosophy on running different ministries.
  • Complete library of Sunday School lessons written by Jack Hyles.
  • Photo gallery of never before seen pictures from the life and ministry of Bro. Hyles.
  • Reprinted

Here is what we are currently working on adding to the Library:

  • Reprinting all of Jack Hyles’ books.
  • Digitizing his personal notes, handwritten poems, & pastoral notes.
  • Converting thousands of tapes to mp3 format.
  • Digitizing more photos from his early life through his entire ministry.

Your support of the Jack Hyles Library helps us to continue his legacy online for the next generation to learn from.

Donations of $25 or more, will receive a copy of the latest reprinted book by Dr. Hyles.

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